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TISHW 2018 - International Conference

TISHW 2018
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
June 20-22, 2018

Sports, Health and Wellbeing play a crucial role in our lives. More than that, Sports and Wellbeing means Health. In this 21st century, these three areas cannot work without technology and innovation. Smartphone or wearables are two of so many products that increase the way that we made sports or live a better life. To live we need to maintain a healthy life, with a regular sport habits. This is one of the most important fields of research and work of our time.

The conference aims to support research and innovation on sport, health and well-being according to EU strategy and with focus on:

  1. - Promoting sport, physical activity and healthy lifestyles;
  2. - Making health and sport facilities more attractive for people;
  3. - Raising awareness of how sport can promote teamwork, intercultural learning and responsibility;
  4. - Promoting cooperation between Universities, Research Centers, Sport Organizations, Health Institutions and Industry.